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Our People


At River Rock, we hope that our people will become your people.  Below are the  people behind River Rock Healing Arts.  Please visit our Practitioners page to learn more about the people providing services at our center.


Sally Dunn Huebner

Co Founder,  Medium & Hypnotherapy Practitioner


An Evidential Medium

Always being a spiritual person Sally graduated from The Journey Within School Of Mediumship with Rev. Janet Nohavec and continued her advance studies under OSNU CSNU LSSNU Officiant and Certificate holder of the Spiritualists' National Union, Mavis Pittilla. She has attended many workshops and classes with tutors from Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England and The Journey Within Spiritualists' National Union Church.

 QHHT Hypnotherapy Practioner


As an accomplished practioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) Sally's mission is to bring healing to each individual through this amazing modality.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) is a transformative experience that allows us to access the part of us that knows everything about us in this, and every other lifetime we have ever lived. It can offer insight into situations and patterns in our current lives, help us to release blocks and has the capacity to support the body to heal.

Welcome to the metaphysical, where everything is possible and every session is an experience of self-discovery and self-healing.



Lisa Bellet Collins

Co Founder & Medium

Lisa is a Spiritual Medium, which means that she can connect with people who have passed into spirit. She has been aware of people in spirit since she was a child, and has worked at developing this ability most of her adult life.


She is fortunate to have had as her mentor, the late, great British medium Mavis Pittilla, OSNU CSNU LSSN.

Lisa is a recorded minister of Fallsington Friends Meeting, Bucks Quarter, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. She holds monthly Meetings for Worship for Healing at Fallsington Meeting.


James Collins

Tarot Reader

Jim has developed his craft over a lifetime of experience.  His readings are informed by his intuition and a deep knowledge of symbols and archetypes from many cultural traditions.  Choosing from a library of tarot decks that he has accumulated, Jim tailors each reading to the individual. Based upon the cards the sitter draws, he weaves a story that offers insights and reflections into one's situation.  He is not a fortune teller.

Jim owned and operated the Philosopher's Stone, a metaphysical bookstore located in Kenvil, NJ once upon a time.

Rando Hunky Guy

Still no idea who he is, but hey

Watch this space.

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