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What's all this about Mediumship?

Why not a Largeship or a Smallship? And just where is that ship sailing to anyway? All good questions.

Maybe you've wondered about mediumship, or maybe you've already had a reading or been to a demonstration and are interested in a reading here at River Rock and want to know more. Allow me to demystify.

Mediumship is the blending of soul to soul. To connect, a medium expands her soul out to the spirit world to embrace the soul of a person in spirit. A spiritual hug, if you will. A medium will know that they're connecting with someone in spirit by using their "Clairs." (Clair? Who's Clair and how did she get here?) 'The Clairs' is shorthand for: clairsentience (we feel it), clairvoyance (we see in our mind’s eye), clairaudience (we hear it), or claircogniscence (we know it). There are other ‘clairs,’ but these are some of the more common ones. So now you know the mechanics of mediumship boiled down to its simplest. Just like riding a bicycle . . . on a high wire. Though not as dangerous. And probably not as hard. And definitely not as scary.

Once you've booked a reading, then what? Well, here are some helpful reminders:

  • Arrive with an open heart and mind. There’s no guarantee that the person you were hoping to hear from will show up. But, usually the message you receive is what you needed to hear.

  • Please don’t give information about yourself to the medium ahead of time, other than your name and how to get in touch with you. We call this "feeding the medium." Don't feed the medium! I promise you, we will have eaten beforehand. Let Spirit do the rest!

  • The medium may give a few introductory remarks before connecting with Spirit – this is your time to RELAX and be open to Spirit’s messages.

  • After giving a few pieces of evidence, the medium may ask if you understand this information. You should restrict your answers to: “yes,” “no,” or, “I don’t know.” (Don’t feed the medium!) We want to be sure what we’re bringing through is from Spirit, and not our imaginations. It may happen that you don’t remember a particular incident, or can’t place the person in spirit – that’s okay. Just be honest if you don’t know. Sometimes (often times!) later, after you’re home, you’ll have an ‘aha’ moment and it will all make sense. This is very common.

  • At the end of the session, feel free to give feedback and ask questions. This not only helps you, but helps mediums get better at their craft.

We hope this has been helpful and we'd love the opportunity to have you come for a sitting. Our room is all ready. You can book a sitting here: https:/its/

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