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Have you seen our River Rock and Soul Patrol hats and said to yourself, "Ooh, where can I get one of those?!"  Well, we've got hats and other cool swag, like our favorite 1/4-zip pullover -- yumm!  Visit our River Rock Healing Arts store hosted by Queensboro.

Our very own Lisa Bellet Collins wrote a novel drawing on her experience of caring for her mom. We think you might enjoy this healing story of love and finding a way. You can order here or online through your favorite bookstore.

Books We Love

We hope you'll check out these books from folks we know and love, and who are part of our River Rock community.

About the Book

Eighty-year-old Mimi hasn’t lost her marbles, she just can’t tell you where they are. Having gradually lost the ability to speak, Mimi now can only say, “No.” Even when she means ‘yes.’ She’s happy enough to spend her remaining days with her daughter Lily and her teenage grandson Todd. After all, who else could understand her? When a forgotten lunch results in a fire, Mimi’s family is at odds with how to care for her. Will the Shady Acres nursing home be her last stop, or will another solution be found?


Jennifer Ankele, LCSW

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