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A New Year and a New Space

It's 2022! We're excited and optimistic about what this New Year will bring, and we're looking forward to sharing the many talents and offerings of those in our River Rock community.

So, first things first is to create a peaceful and welcoming space. We've been searching, and collecting, and painting, and assembling, and so far we're pretty pumped about what's unfolding. The lobby is coming together nicely. Lisa loves a good thrift store find and these two chairs don't disappoint, especially when they're set beneath a sweet little watercolor of a garden bench (another thrift store find).

We've also been setting up the massage therapy room. It's been painted a pleasing lavender; can you believe this color is called "Bohemianism?!" Who could resist! Shelving and decorations are in the works and on the way. And, while we're on the subject -- yes, this is the massage therapy room, and yes we do have a massage therapist, Coleen McDonnell has already started practicing two days a week. She can be contacted through .

Hope to see you in our new space in 2022. And, if you can't get here know that we'll still be offering classes and events online as well as meeting up on Soul Patrol. Hoping 2022 is peaceful and kind and soul-fulfilling!

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